The Opportunity

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If the clouds keep formin, I’ll embrace the rain – Let it wash away – all my pain
Go find some health, go find some wealth – Share the treasure with everybody else

Gonna ride the storm – out through the night – Wake up in the morning, it’s gonna be alright
Make some love, create some peace – Do what it takes to put my mind at ease

‘Cause the Opportunity is larger than you think – A brave new world standing on the brink
Strength and unity are within our reach – The Opportunity is to breathe

Give me rock & roll, let it soothe my soul – Set my intent on the  ultimate goal
I’ll stay full of grace, give and receive – At the end of the day we’re only energy


The sun is shinin’, yeah the weather has changed – The seas keep rising, we’ll never be the same
So Let’s make some love through the power of peace – Gonna rise above, find some room to breathe


The Opportunity is a song that started out as a jam many years ago.  It evolved into it’s current state around 2015 and was recorded in 2019 & 2020.    The message isn’t hidden, it’s what sustains us.

With it’s funky folk rock vibe, it channels a Chili Peppers prog rock kind of vibe.  It starts out hot and sizzles all the way through.

It’s available on the “Prepare Ourselves” eP, as well as the full length “Fire & Steam” LP (June 2020).

If these clouds keep forming, I’ll embrace the rain – let it wash away the source of all my pain” 



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