Into the None

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Don’t use ID to prop yourself up – The whole of YOUR ego would never fill the cup – Never satisfied, lies greedy as fuck – Try to hold it down when ID’s about to erupt – Don’t use ID to prop yourself up, ID’s about to erupt 

Hey Look!  We all got emotion, We get it but forget it – to perception we’re beholden – Privy to the pity I’d rather practice patience – Guilty by committee, paltry presentations – NO VACATIONS & NO VALIDATION, Drifting all alone in submissive sensation
No one gives a feck about the reasons for our actions, just like Mick Jagger – We can’t get no satisfaction – BUT HOLD ON, LET’S PULL BACK –  No need to dis here this ain’t no dis track – And besides, I‘m not tryna make it heavy – No breakin down or free fallin, won’t be Petty, No, Not Tom, or any other feckless Harry tryna buy a coal mine to save a canary – They say it’s crazy I wanna keep it light? Release the fruits of action at the feet of the divine, & it’s fine, for a couple more nights then I’ll follow the sun on its western flight  – & I’m fine – for the troubles in life to teach me grace in the presence of spite

I give less than a -, less than a feck, less than a – , less than a feck
Used to care a little but not quite a 1/2  –  now, nope, it’s not even that

Hey Look! – I’ma get back to reality, feed my family, grow it organically – All of us here, all of us willing, Sewing the seeds through giving & building – All of here are a part of the song – Particle connections drawn into the swarm – All of us here are part of this one – Impartial impressions fold into the none – Impartial impressions fold Into the None

I give less than a, less than a, less than a feck, less than a – I used to care a 1/4 but not quite a 1/2 , now, nope, it’s not even that 

I won’t watch it fall away, I’ll be spending my time tryna brighten the way – You seemed to think I was yours to wield, like a shield, the truth was also concealed  – Now it really makes no difference to me, I tried kindness, I tried to turn the other cheek – Now all IT’ll get is indifference from me, hope you find peace – your memory’s released (Into the None)
Outro & Chorus x 2 – Fold Into the None


If the previous track (Fire & Steam) was the build up, then Into the None is the eruption.  It was written in 2018 & 2019 and recorded in 2020.

Keeping with the subtle theme of earthquakes & volcanoe’s from Fire & Steam, Into the None is the release point.  It’s probably the most personal song on the record, born of actual experiences that challenged me to do better – and to learn how to be graceful in defeat.

Much more than a dis track, this jam took on a life of it’s own when the middle break came into existence.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the record and deals with letting go.

“I won’t watch it fall away – I’ll be spending my time, tryna brighten the way.  You may think I was yours to wield, like a sheild, but the truth was also concealed.” 



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