Fire & Steam

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Up the funnel from the centerpiece – Bring the fire and the steam
The mountain crumbles into the sea – Forever Overflowing

An intuitive nuisance, infused by the positive & negative influence of the muted, Loosely schooled to loosen the nooses of confusion & delusion – yet steer clear here of vague resolution, unlike my hoopty leaking fluids, I remain inconspicuous, congruent to the fact these line’s are pretty ridiculous, got no fecks for those that wanna test, They get Pompeii’d in the wake of this Vesuvius – I’m a Guardian shepherd, guide my flock through the desert on this excellent adventure – My Squad – through fields of glen & heather – we’ll always be together, I could bring the rock to nirvana, call it heaven, or whatever -Nevermind, your sunset is vexed upon the story, catch the rhythm of this allegory, like Roy Orbison singing “Only the Lonely”, if solitude is soul food, I’m probably 2 Kenobis – Up Around the bend like elbow macaroni, wrap it up tight like a rhyme ravioli, 3rd eye fired up like spicy guacamole – But I’m only Lone Star, never touched that Chipotle,
Hindsight – it’ll hurt your neck, the blindside – it’ll cash your check, Fuck them knuckleheads weaving tangled-ass webs, Acting like they know WHAT COMES NEXT

Bait the hook & break bread with dreams of childhood, earthquake threats, a figurine of falsehood, back to the rack evergreen hardwood, articulated intellect, not to be misunderstood – One-way Dialect to formulate this text, Not too unfamiliar to what u might expect – Yet I’m On the perimeter, stay a pacesetter, flexible, statuesque, you wonder ‘is that conjecture?’ hell yeah
Keep it chill though, no need to lecture, rather some points to consider as contenders to misconception rendered when your perception got tempered and you typed out trash and hit enter – you shoulda remembered that – Reality will rise up from the embers, here’s to new to ventures, surrender to the splendor, Functionality and form expressed in the essence of confession & lessons for all my future sound investments – So I…
Count my blessings before any possessions, grind to the point of obsessive decompression – Like a thoroughbred steppin’, making forward progression – LOVE THE INPUT FOR MY SUBCONSCIOUS OUT-LOOK

Build this individual pyramid through all these songs and raw ideas – From the basement floor, going up, up, up through the pinnacle’s lid – Make it rise up and form my mausoleum – Make it rise up like the Pacific Rim – Make it rise up, we’re gonna inherit the wind
CHORUS & outro

Fire & Steam is the most recently written song on the album.  It’s a bit of social commentary mixed with some personal thoughts on being an original individual in this day & age of copies.

There’s a subtle theme of earthquakes & volcanoe’s throughout the song.  Those references aren’t meant to be literal, rather figurative in nature.  Some of the other lyrics refer to where I’m from and my individual experience.

This is the longest song on the album, somewhat split into 3 distinct sections.  They fit together too well for them not to be included in the same piece.

“Hindsight it’ll hurt your neck, the blindside it’ll cash your check – f*&^ them knuckleheads weaving tangled-ass webs, trying to tell us they know what comes next.” 



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