Feed My Family

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Feed My Family – It feeds my soul when I do – I Need My Family – they feed my soul that’s true
I’ll Bleed for My Family – (no questions about what I’ll do) – Yeah I’ll Feed My Family, they feed my soul that’s true

Wham bam, gotta big ol’ fam, gotta get some grub, feed ‘em on demand – Ain’t no lyin, this is who I am, source it from those who respect the land – Hustle & Bustle, I flex the muscle, stay outta trouble & get back to the hustle – Here it comes, there it goes, back & forth, fast & slow – don’t you know?
For the food, we got gratitude.  In a bad mood? – Adjust your attitude – Don’t be rude, elevate your altitude, look for some grace in an order of magnitude – For all the things that you do on the daily – seek love, find faith, go forth bravely – Into the unknown, into tomorrow, Hey YO – I think it’s time to grow!

I won’t shut my mouth until I’ve said all that I need to say – I won’t turn it down – I rocksteady from the cradle to the grave
Sometimes goodness is good enough, Sometimes kindness is kind enough – Uh –We gon’ make it better, right here on the letter, ain’t no sweat for that steady go getter


On, on, on & On, on for Eons
Feed the whole world ‘til the hunger’s gone, greed no match for the human OM


The idea behind Feed My Family is pretty self explanatory.  It’s meant to bring focus on the local through broader understanding.  It was written in 2018 and recorded in 2019.

The music behind this jam is subtley groovey and the feel is laid back and full of gratitude.  The

It’s available on the “Prepare Ourselves” eP, as well as the full length “Fire & Steam” LP (June 2020).

Wham bam, got this big old fam, gotta get some grub, feed ’em on demand” 



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