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Fire & Steam is my debut album.  It’s my first full length album of original songs, even though settled intention dropped a year before to the day. Both were joyous and laborious to write, perform, record, & produce.  All songs were written over the past several years and recorded in 2019 & 2020.
Influences from Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Allman Brothers Band, from Jack Johnson to Dr Dre bring an eclectic mix of songs.  Some classic rock meets grunge, a dash of folky hip hop, bountiful funk rock, ethereal guitars, bluesy soul, even a touch of jazz.  Seemed like a good spot to start releasing my original works.
Leading up to the release, the What are the Odds eP was released Nov 11, 2019 followed by the Prepare Ourselves eP on Mar 21, 2020.  Those ePs were remixed & remastered and included on Fire & Steam.

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Prepare Ourselves
  funky, bluesy rockin’ hip hop (aka Rip Rock)
The Opportunity
  heaps of funky guitar in a soulful meditation on the breath
6 4 1
  all about the fam, fam’s what it’s all about
  acoustic laden funk rock w/ some tasty electric, read the room
Tear Down the Walls
  high desert funky folk rock, tear ’em down
Fire & Steam
  let it out and keep it moving
Into the None
  driving rock w/ funky breaks & letting it go
What are the Odds?
  pretty good, good god.  Driving funk rock societal observations
Do this Right
  percolating funky folk rock with a dash of unexpected twists
Our Home
  love for the health of your hearth
Garden Grows
  can’t hold it down, let it grow with this playful jam
Feed my Family
  gotta get the grub, slinky guitar & soulful vox in a budatrap stylee
Lo and Behold
  acoustic, ethereal, poignant, death & taxes & all

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