RELEASED: November 11, 2019
ARTIST: Justin Johnson
LABEL: ePioTiC produCtions
PRODUCER: Justin Johnson
What are the Odds? eP

“What are the Odds?” is a funky folk rock release from Justin Johnson.  It’s a 4 song EP and is the prelude to Justin’s debut LP, slated for Early 2020 release.  An additional 4 song EP will release in January 2020 as part of the full length LP. Lot’s of music to come.

“6 4 1” 
 is dedicated to family with a focus on making it through hard times. The idea of ‘All for one and one for All’ best embodies the spirit of 6 4 1. The next layer of the numeric riddle Comes in 2020.
“Our Home” 
is the first single from the EP and is a love song with a twist. It’s about partnership, accountability and compromise. This one is dedicated to my better half.
“What are the Odds?” 
is a rollicking anthem that shows off a different side. Despite the misanthropic appearance, the song is one of hope that we can pierce through the veil of perception to see the bigger picture.
Last but not least, “Tear Down the Walls”   
  is an ode to personal development and evolution. The walls aren’t physical walls, rather parameters we use to define our world. Imagine kicking down the walls of personal/professional calendar and heading to the mountains or the beach…

Recorded and produced in Justin’s home studio (aka the bomb shelter), “What are the Odds?” released in November of 2019.  The ethereal “Settled Intention” was Justin’s debut.

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