Settled Intention Album Cover - Justin Johnson
RELEASED: June 21, 2019
ARTIST: Justin Johnson
LABEL: ePioTiC produCtions
PRODUCER: Justin Johnson
settled intention


Settled Intention is my debut instrumental release.

It’s full of lush sounds, easy going vibes, and loads of ethereal electric guitar.   A mostly instrumental album with conscious intent to root out & eradicate modifications of the mind. It’s meant for a 30 minute yoga/meditation practice and was born out of Justin’s own practice and desire to craft a worthy sonic accompaniment.

Official release date June, 21 2019.  Available for download below and/or stream/download on most digital platforms.

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Individual Tracks for Download:

Introduction + Invocation = Introcation.  The ethereal guitars & calming melody set the mood & bring you into the moment.
Belongs to You
Belongs to You is an instrumental song that’s all about the breath that belongs to each of us. Featuring soothing melodies & a lush arrangement of electric & acoustic guitars, bass & synth.
Just Breathe (Island Time Instrumental)
Instrumental version of Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe”.   Imagine you’re on a beach, toes in the sand, the waves & your breath hypnotically centering you in the moment.  Ahhhhhh, that’s better.
Bija Intent
Bija Intent is an instrumental song featuring a mellow groove dotted with Justin’s funky guitar playing and bija mantras for each chakra.
Lunar Salute
Lunar Salute features a hauntingly beautiful melody,  eclectic electric guitars, smooth bass & mellow beats.
Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes is a calming instrumental song featuring fingerstyle guitar & soothing melodies.
Blackbird (Night Time instrumental)
An organically fed, instrumental version of the Beatles classic “Blackbird”.  Featuring fingerstyle guitars over an ethereal music bed.  Nighty night…
Outrolusion is the closing track on Settled Intention from Justin Johnson. It’s the outro, and also the resolution. The end is just the beginning.
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