RELEASED: March 21, 2020
ARTIST: Justin Johnson
LABEL: ePioTiC produCtions
PRODUCER: Justin Johnson
Prepare Ourselves eP

“Prepare Ourselves” is a 4 song funky folk rock release.  It’s the 2nd ep leading up to the full length album, Fire & Steam,  slated for June 2020 release.

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Prepare Ourselves
is a part social rant, part tongue in cheek and part optimistic cynic.  Prepare Ourselves, let love be our guide…
The Opportunity 
is a song about breathing calmly through the mayhem that is modern life.  The Opportunity is to breathe.
Garden Grows  
is a rollicking ode to floral consciousness and it’s most visible representative in our culture.   It’s here for you now, and here for me…
Feed My Family   
  is dedicated to keeping the peace and taking care of what is most important, first & foremost.  Since we’re all connected, we’re all family. Feed the world until the hunger’s gone.

“Prepare Ourselves” is the first release of 2020 and the follow up to the “What are the Odds?” ep.  Also available is the ethereal “Settled Intention”.

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