What's in a name?

Justin Johnson is a singer/songwriter, guitarist and producer.

With a name so common, some wonder if it’s better to create a pseudonym or release music under a different name…

Well, no.  The longer answer is below.

Justin picked up the guitar as an adolescent.  Songwriting came shortly after.  Incessant singing followed.  Then performing, playing in bands, recording, etc.  Much of it done in collaboration with others.  But now it’s a solo DIY project.  Hence, the name that works is already there.

Beyond that, it’s a deeper conversation.  Contact Justin with your thoughts.

Why should you care?

Justin has a couple of distinct musical branches that have grown from the same tree of influence.  One is a love for funky music that can get a party started.  The other branch is Yoga & Meditation music.

The juxtaposition of these seemingly distinct musical styles is challenging to reconcile, but rewarding to say the least.

2019 will see several releases for Justin in both genres, and some that blur the lines between the two.

Justin’s debut release is a relaxing 30 minute montage meant as an accompaniment to Yoga/Meditation.

“Settled Intention” released June 2019.  It’s full of lush sounds, yoga friendly vibes, and loads of ethereal electric guitar.

What's next?

Shortly after the release of “Settled Intention”, the debut pop/rock single, “Our Home” will be released (late August 2019).

 “Our Home” is a funky folk rock anthem with big hooks & smooth instrumentation.  It’s a love song about commitment, partnership & compromise.

Shortly after the release of “Our Home”, the debut rock/pop EP “What are the Odds?” will be released.   It will contain “Our Home” as well as 3 other songs:  “What are the Odds?”, “Tear Down the Walls”, and “6 4 1” (coming September 2019).

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