Hi.  I’m Justin Johnson, an independent singer songwriter & music producer. Welcome to my site.

Fire & Steam released June 21, 2020 (13 songs, 55 minutes)

Fire & Steam is my debut album.  Although released one year after settled intention, it’s my first full length album of original songs. It was a joy – and a job – to write, perform, record, & produce this collection of songs.  Written at various times over the past number of years, they were all recorded in 2019 & 2020.
Influenced by a range of artists from Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Allman Brothers Band, from Jack Johnson to Dr Dre and many things in between.  There’s some classic rock meets grunge on display at times, some folky hip hop moments, loads of funky folk rock, ethereal guitars, bluesy soul, even a touch of jazz.  This felt like a good place to start releasing my original works.
Leading up to the release of Fire & Steam, the What are the Odds eP was released Nov 11, 2019 and the Prepare Ourselves eP was released Mar 21, 2020.  All songs from those ePs were remixed & remastered and included on Fire & Steam.

settled intention released June 21, 2019 (8 songs, 32 minutes)

Done in collaboration with my amazing wife, Maria Johnson and her company settled.life. This batch of tunes was a chance for me to elevate & hone my production workflow.  It’s a very smooth flowing collection of songs, mostly instrumental and geared toward rooting out and eliminating citti vritti (modifications of the mind).
Sounds like mumbo jumbo, but I made these jams with intent to root out & remove the weeds in my personal thought garden.  Give it a listen and take some time to breathe…
With 1.5 hours of recorded music in 12 months, I could use a breather, but there’s too much more music percolating underneath, so it’s on to the next…
Up next is an acoustic album, plus another Yoga & Meditation focused collection.  Adhering to a regular release schedule is the plan for the foreseeable future.
Give a listen and stay connected.

Fire & Steam Cover ArtFire & Steam Back Cover with SonglistSettled Intention Album Cover - Justin JohnsonSettled Intention Track List Back Cover with SonglistWhat are the Odds? (the eP) Cover ArtPrepare Ourselves (the eP) Cover Art
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